Best Courses

BEST Courses (BC) are mini Erasmus-type experiences for students all across Europe organised around a university course. Its duratino varies from 10 to 14 days usually. This Course taking place every Summer here at Louvain-la-Neuve, the course is a BCS – BEST Course in Summer – but other local antennas all across Europe can do course the whole year round. This BCS comes at very low expenses for the students as the maximum fee demanded is of 50euros, to make sure that money is not a factor that would disrupt the envy for students with thight budget to discover other european cultures?

Even if the BCS is axed around a university course, it is an exceptional occasion to discover other european cultures, cities, and universities. It enables also students from all across Europe to meet other cultures from other students coming also from different cultures.

Contact information

LLN Board

Pierre Joris, BCS Main Organiser

Sacha Defrère, President

Mathéo Ketels, Vivaldi